Thoughts Before a Swipe…

Loving you is about loving me. Loving you is about being me. I am me only when I am with you. You know me best as I know you. Yet, there is a strange mystery lingering about. We share the same jokes that the world raises an eyebrow to. We secretly kiss through our eyes. Yet, looking into your eyes feels like staring into

Is it you or is it me? Has love found itself on a different route. We belong together. Yet, inhibitions have found a way into this surreal bond. How different does it feel! Do you feel it too?

I have wondered how life would be alone again. But is it worth making that move? What if it is true that you live in me as much as I in you? Would we be able to survive the calamities of brokenness? Would you?

Someday, this mind will silence into a sound sleep, free from questions, doubts and you. But will our love prevail? I hope to love you even after forever. Do our hopes and dreams match? Would you want to see me again or would you just swipe left?

An Ode for the Broken Ones

A cry, a plea, a distress call
My heart is broken
I pushed myself in a pit
I belonged and now I’m alone

Love faded like the clouds above
Darkness overshadowed the light of day
I was replaced without a word
All I could do is watch it slip away

The emotions, the tears, the rage
All now mean nothing
The kisses, the caresses, the promises
Have long ceased to exist

Yet a frail ligament of hope hangs on
A new tomorrow will bring love again
That place of belonging will be mine again
That sound of happiness will be mine again

© 2020 The Love Bug. All Rights Reserved.

What’s Your Mantra for Security?

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Someday You will Find the One

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Another Year of Love

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Made for You?

Is he/she made for you? Do you ever ask yourself that question? Do you question his/her existence in your life? Are you sure of the person you chose to be your partner?

made-for-you image

It’s not called doubting but finding the certainty in the relationship. You need to know whether that person is made for you. If and when you know, you will find it easier to dissolve arguments with him/her and make up after a fight without any room for ego.

Life is not easy without a partner, but it is easier with someone who is made for you rather than someone forced upon you like an arrangement. You need to know if he/ she makes you happy. If your presence is a boon in his/her life.

Don’t be left as a trophy on a shelf that is flaunted only when noticed by someone else. You need to be treated with value, and not as a valuable, if you know what I mean. You don’t want to regret for the rest of your life choosing the wrong person. Don’t settle for less if you know you are worth being with a better person.

If you already have taken the plunge, it’s never too late to bounce back and pull yourself up from the cliff. Make your move “now” or “forever hold your peace”.

© 2020 The Love Bug. All Rights Reserved.

Love Will Find You!

Love is not defined by happy times. It is defined through how it gets ahead of difficult times. It is figured through the many different emotions that make it happen. It is what makes the struggle worth. Have you ever felt love?

Heartaches can be painful, literally and emotionally. However, if you may have not noticed, relationships feed on brokenness. If you are broken inside, you become vulnerable. Love feeds on a vulnerable heart. It does sound like a preying monster but it does not have any negativity. Everybody needs love and they need it the most when they are broken inside. That explains artists writing love songs with a broken heart that become #1 tracks.

Love can be spent selflessly and yet bring happiness to your heart. What is a relationship that does not have problems? That is so perfect that it becomes mundane to just be together? That is a show-off but in reality without any emotion left? Make your relationship a meaningful one.

I keep telling people they will find someone who would love them more than themselves. But, honestly, if you love yourself, love will find you. And when it does, you better make sure it’s a keeper. It’s always that you find love, but you won’t be without either if you know how to love and accept yourself the way you are.

It was a difficult time accepting myself, my limitations and my worth. I still managed to do so. I do go back to that dark place at times, but never give up. I come back out into the illumination that love holds at the end of the tunnel.

Coming back to the beginning; if you and partner get through difficult times together and still accept each other with all those flaws you dare not display in public, you are almost there. Sometimes, just saying things out lot enlightens you about your own feelings. Figure what’s in your heart and show your partner what you lack in expressing ever so often. If you cannot speak to your partner, talk to someone who listens, then make things right in your life. You will find love or at least figure it out with your partner.

© 2017 The Love Bug. All Rights Reserved.

Do You Still Love Her/Him in This New Year?

Love dwells in all seasons, but is love in the air this season? 

It’s a New Year. Everybody’s making new fitness goals, diet goals and career goals. But, is anyone thinking of new relationship goals? How to make him happy again? How to put a smile on her face?

Relationships need goals as much as having a partner. Ask yourself, do you still love her/him as you enter a New Year? If yes, what are you doing to continue sharing that love? If you don’t know how to make her feel special, you need to make an effort to learn. Take an example from a senior person or a person you admire or idolise as a mentor. Gift her with not materialistic pleasures, but your time, attention, loyalty and appreciation. 

Girls, if you want your partner to stay in love with you. Give him reasons to spend time with you. Shower him with unsmothered love, and don’t forget to give him breathing space. If he wants to spend a little time in your absence with friends or family, you step back and let him enjoy. It’s not always going to be about you. Let it be about him sometimes. In the meantime, you can catch up with friends or family or do something productive in your lone time.

Most importantly, cut each other some slack. Not all things have to be right or your way. It can be unique and different from what you think. Try to understand each other rather than point fingers and ruin a lovely relationship. 

Leave the bantering behind and start the New Year with grace and new goals. Make your own relationship goals for a successful partnership to bloom.

© 2017 The Love Bug. All Rights Reserved.

Dissecting A Relationship

Relationships are complicated. You can have no control over it even though you feel you can control it. It takes two to be in a relationship. Then how can one make all the decisions and the other is simply expected to adhere or compromise? You need to take a stand to have your say. You cannot always let your partner overpower your decisions. They maybe right but unless you put forth your viewpoint, you will never know. You will not be able to differentiate as to how right you are and how wrong they can be.

Relationships are complicated if you let them be complicated. You need to dissect your relationship. If you have a solution to a problem and your partner is willing to listen and understand, that understanding can grow into a habit that you both begin to share. Sometimes you will have to take your turn to understand things from your partner’s point of view. 

Relationships are all about giving and receiving, teaching and learning, caring and forgiving. However, if it’s a one-sided affair where only one person sacrifices and lets go of things, and the other person simply reigns over without any effort of sacrifice or letting go of things that bother their partner, it often leads to a deadend. Lies, deceit, frustration and anger take the place of love and understanding in that relationship. It’s like only one person is holding the relationship up, whereas on the other side, it is just dangling without support. At such a point, it’s best to end the relationship rather than drag it along while it causes you pain.

I have walked out of relationships when I reached that point, that deadend. I felt no guilt or remorse in doing so. It was the right thing to do. And it’s never too late. Of course, nothing is more important than life. If a relationship affects your mental and physical health detrimentally, it’s best to get rid of it.

So don’t be blinded by love and ignore being rational. Think practically whether you are happy to be in that relationship. That relationship could be with your lover, your parents, siblings, friends, business associates, colleagues or anyone. It is your life and you need to take a stand when you know you are being exploited in a relationship. Your happiness is important for your health. Keep smiling and live a healthy life… 🙂

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Wedding fever or Marriage Jitters!?

It’s that time of the year, when Wedding bells ring everywhere. You see proposals and engagement rings making their way through social media. All your friends and cousins are getting married and sending you invites. It’s so infectious that it makes you feel like getting married, too. You’ve got wedding fever.

Then, you think, do you have a guy? Yes. Is he the right one? If yes, why hasn’t he popped the question yet? Is he waiting for you to say something? Oh! This whole charade is driving you crazy, I know. 

I have been in that place several times. I don’t know how many Christmases I have spent dreaming about walking down an aisle. Having people smile at me even though it’s my day they have come to celebrate. I never really imagined how my dress would be or how my hair would be tossed, whether I’d have a destination or theme wedding. However, I did dream of walking down an aisle to that one man smiling with me as we celebrate our day. I’ve got wedding fever, too. I get it every year around this time.

I would call this the season of love. Cold, wintery, snowy. Probably it’s not marriage jitters, it’s just winter shivers. But then, people do get married during spring.

I don’t understand why people have marriage jitters. Probably I’ll know when I get to that bridge. But it amazes me that despite a crazy day of hullabaloo, they are still happily married. No matter what be the mess, they pick up and waltz it away. Then, why be nervous?

I’m sure most of you watch AFV. If not, at least heard of it. I love to watch the wedding season. It’s like celebrating the chaos that happens at weddings. I laugh and think what if that happens at my wedding!? What if I experience marriage jitters and faint or the groom faints at the alter. Or the roof falls down at the party. Or there is a puddle that turns into a pool at the hotel we dine in. Lol. I don’t know what could be the worst except my groom walking out on me.

However, one thing I do know. That day, I’d be so filled with love, that anything that happens, would be only secondary to me.

Love is what keeps the party going. Whether it is love for or between the bride and groom or love for food and wine or just letting your hair loose and shaking a leg, a hip or a whole wiggly body.

Let’s share some quirky fun wedding moments and laugh away this season!

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